Anshu Kotak

Buy To Let Loose demystifies the buy to let process and details a practical step-by-step guide using case studies of Anshu’s first eight investments that led her to financial security. The case studies are relevant and current since they are all post the financial crisis and half of them are post-Brexit under the new tax rules.

Buy To Let Loose delves into the mortgage and remortgage process; it explores what you need to unearth at viewings and what your solicitor needs to uncover during the legal process; it addresses the new tax changes that impact rental profits and lists the pros and cons of setting up a limited company in an effort to preserve them; it suggests investment areas that still offer attractive returns; the book stipulates eight key factors that together form an effective negotiating strategy; it goes into the preparation required before quitting the infamous day job; and finally, it summarises the advantages and risks of buy to let, compared and contrasted to other investment asset classes for completeness.

Anshu Kotak is a qualified investment advisor. She worked at Goldman Sachs as a long-standing investment advisor to business leaders of some of the largest companies in the UK. She has significant experience in multiple asset classes including equities and bonds.

ISBN 9781911475378 – Paperback – B-Format – 176 pages
 – £12.99