David Norwood

An unexpected legacy could be worth billions

Twenty-five-year-old Alison Walsh has just lost her mentor, lover and best friend, all at once. That was Alexander Chilton, twice her age and larger than life, a raconteur, legendary stockbroker, keen observer of human nature and a risk-taker who got it right more often than not. They had met at work, at a blue-chip investment bank in London, she an ambitious assistant down from Manchester, he already one of the City’s most celebrated figures. Beautiful and clever, Ali was underestimated by the alpha males and barrow boys at the firm; Alexander, however, perceived her quality and took her under his wing. And now Alexander was dead.

When a grieving Ali is summoned by Alexander’s taciturn executor, she learns that the love of her life had made her the director of a company worth just under one million pounds. Ali can cash out with more money than she’d ever thought possible at such a young age – or she can continue with Alexander’s plan for the company, raising the capital to explore a theoretical oil field off the coast of Mauritania that just might yield one billion barrels. It is either Alexander’s greatest folly, or his most glorious triumph.

Ali’s ultimate decision will be based as much on her wish to honour her deceased lover as her inclination to meet a challenge that would confound old market hands much more experienced than herself. As she sets about to make this unlikely dream a reality against all odds, her remaking of herself may prove to be Alexander’s most precious legacy …

David Norwood founded IP Group Plc, a thriving technology- investment firm. He graduated in Modern History from Keble College, Oxford University. A World Chess Federation International Grandmaster, he was a captain of the English chess team. He lives in Andorra. One Billion Barrels is his first novel.

ISBN 978-1-911475-06-4 June 2017 – Paperback – B-Format (197 x 130 mm) – 240 pages – £9.99