Paddy Woodrow

Ed Strachan returns in a Caribbean adventure

In Green Gold, best-selling author Patrick Woodrow (Double Cross, First Contact) brings back Ed Strachan, a good guy with the instincts of an antihero. Orphaned at a young age, Ed lives life on his own terms, which has often meant indulging the scrappier side of his nature. Now in his late twenties and a bit calmer, he has honed his skills as a freelance underwater photographer, bought a boat (his beloved Esprit Bleu) and plans to set up his own diving-tour company out of Curaçao. Arriving in the Caribbean idyll of St Lucia to shoot some reef footage for a client, he gets to work – but soon encounters trouble, in the form of the fish- eaten corpse of a journalist, weighed down with a sandbag tied around its decaying foot and bearing a bizarre brand on its forehead…

When the death is ruled a suicide, Ed’s suspicions to the contrary propel him to investigate further. Soon his penchant for landing himself in sticky situations has him trying to untangle the legal and not-so-legal affairs of a powerful banana plantation owner, the ruthless descendant of pirates. In the mix are the brutish son of the plantation boss; a police chief who doesn’t take kindly to Ed’s interloping; his lieutenant, a strong, sultry (if buttoned-down) woman who won’t give Ed the time of day; and Ed’s influential client, a confidant of the British Prime Minister, who is due to visit the island the following day and possibly – just possibly – involved in a lucrative web of lies and money …

Patrick Woodrow was born in England and was educated at the University of Cambridge. Passionate about the great outdoors, his thrillers often draw on personal experiences, ranging from diving with sharks to climbing volcanoes and exploring third world jungles. He lives in Oxfordshire.

ISBN 9781859600778 – Paperback – B-Format (197 x 130 mm) – 240 pages – RRP £9.99