The Art of Getting Rich

Danby Bloch

The secret to planning for life

A young man, worried and anxious about his future, takes the train to work and overhears two seasoned commuters discussing their finances. Curious, he strikes up a conversation with them, and the men agree to reveal their secret to a happy, prosperous financial future.

Anyone, they say, even people earning modest salaries, can achieve financial well-being – if they only interrogate their own habits, apply some self- discipline and follow a series of simple steps. ‘Meet us here every week aboard the train,’ they add, ‘and we’ll begin a new lesson.’

During the sessions that follow, the reader, too is instructed in the art and technique of common-sense financial planning: saving intelligently, choosing a pension scheme, investing wisely, working toward home ownership and mastering the intricacies of insurance and estate planning.

The advice is given in an accessible, straightforward manner free of jargon and easy on the math, such that anyone can follow it and learn financial security – no matter where they are on their journey.

Danby Bloch is Chairman of Helm Godfrey, a City-based firm of independent financial advisers and employee-benefit consultants. He is also a non- executive director of the investment platform Nucleus Financial, and a founder of the publication Taxbriefs.

ISBN 9781911475026 – Paperback – B-Format – 230 pages
 – £9.99