A Traditional House Working in Untraditional Ways

Momentum is a new publishing enterprise with a different take on getting books made. We select only a handful of books a year that meet our standards and then use all of our years of experience in all aspects of publishing to bear and create beautiful books that readers love to devour.


Twenty-five-year-old Alison Walsh has just lost her mentor, lover and best friend, all at once. That was Alexander Chilton, twice her age and larger than life, a raconteur, legendary stockbroker, keen observer of human nature and a risk-taker who got it right more often than not. They had met at work, at a blue-chip investment bank in London, she an ambitious assistant down from Manchester, he already one of the City’s most celebrated figures. Beautiful and clever, Ali was underestimated by the alpha males and barrow boys at the firm; Alexander, however, perceived her quality and took her under his wing. And now Alexander was dead.

When a grieving Ali is summoned by Alexander’s taciturn executor, she learns that the love of her life had made her the director of a company worth just under one million pounds. Ali can cash out with more money than she’d ever thought possible at such a young age – or she can continue with Alexander’s plan for the company, raising the capital to explore a theoretical oil field off the coast of Mauritania that just might yield one billion barrels. It is either Alexander’s greatest folly, or his most glorious triumph.


Riverside Lane Luca Tempesta, a good-looking, charming and affable American, swaps homes with a prosperous antique dealer in a quiet village in England and arrives to find the people of Riverside Lane most welcoming. But Tempesta is hiding a dangerous secret, which will soon reverberate through the community.

Behind perfect privets and brightly painted front doors, the lives of Riverside Lane’s residents slowly unravel, until it becomes apparent that the American may not be the only deceiver in their midst. Tension begins to mount in this quintessentially English community – now revealed to be a labyrinth of deception – and culminates in an unexpected death.

Set against the cinematic backdrop of quaint village life in springtime, Riverside Lane follows the double lives of its residents as they shape them to fit their idea of the truth. While deception must always involve secrecy, not all secrets are intended to deceive …